22 January 2017

Hello World

It's been a year since I first set up my new photography site, terrestrialphotography.com.  That site is built using SmugMug, a web service designed to host photo galleries (which it does very well).  For a long time I included a link to a blog at the top of that site.  Unfortunately I haven'e found a good way to make sequential "posts" like you would do in a blog.  I eventually gave up and removed the blog portion of the site.

I didn't abandon plans for a photography blog, though. And now that I have time, I am revamping the idea of posting semi-frequently.  My idea is to post photos during trips, before I spend the time to build an entire gallery.  I would also like to post photos from short trips where I might only get one or two images, which isn't enough to justify crating a new gallery or adding the images to my portfolio.  My blog will be a place to share images hot off the press, or images that don't make the cut to be included in my portfolio.

Anyway, I hope Blogger will serve my blogging needs.  This site will be hosted at www.blog.terrestrial.photography, for now at least.

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