12 February 2017

George Wyth Timelapse

I decided to go to George Wyth State Park on Friday to try shooting a timelapse.  I wasn't expecting much in the way of a sunset beacause it had been overcast for the last several hours.  But I knew the Iowa skies often clear in the evenings.  As I set up my camera 20 minutes before sunset, I could tell the sun was going to peak beneath the clouds.  I aimed the camera at the setting sun, set the intervalometer, and waited.  Then I got to sit back and enjoy a beautiful sunset.  The clouds blew away right after the sun dropped below the horizon, and were illuminated with a soft pink light.

This was shot using my Canon 5DS and 16-35mm F/4L IS.  The camera was set with fixed ISO and shutter speed, but variable aperture.  It was processed with LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom, and converted to video using Adobe Premier.  Processing took me several hours.  My powerful desktop takes almost 2 hours to process and export the 372 frames that make up the video.  This is available in 4k resolution.

For my 3rd timelapse attempt, I am quite pleased.  I've identified a few more areas of improvement:
- I wish I had done 5s exposures instead of 10s exposures.  That would double the length of the finished clip.
- I had some dust on my sensor.  This is a trivial fix for 1 image, but quite a chore to remove from 372 images.
- I used variable aperture exposure control.  The aperture values (calculated by the camera based on the ambient light) ranged from F/4 (wide open) to F/22 (minimum aperture).  I think I could do a better job controlling the exposure by hand.  I need to explore other options to control the camera during timelapse sequences.

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