09 February 2017

Second Try Timelapse

I did another timelapse tonight using what I learned last time:
- I turned IS off, which is the biggest improvement in this video vs the last one.
- I used my 100mm lens instead of my 70-300mm because it is smaller and less susceptible to wind.  It is also significantly lighter, which reduces vibrations in the tripod.
- I framed the scene with a 16:9 aspect ratio in mind.
- I shot in full RAW, which allows Lightroom to remove stuck pixels.
- I used Premier Pro to generate the video sequence.

I think you'll agree this video is better than my last attempt.  I'm only focusing on the technical aspects of timelapse photography.  There are still some more things I can do to improve these basic, fixed exposure shots:
- Set up the tripod on a more sturdy surface than my wooden deck.  I suspect the shaking in this video is from me walking around.
- Don't use YouTube next time.  The quality is aweful.  I'll probably use Vimeo like every other photographer.

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