03 May 2017

George Wyth Sunset

This evening's clouds were cooperating and I could tell we were going to have a colorful sunset.  I grabbed my kit (I keep most of it packed and ready to go at a moments notice) and headed to George Wyth State Park.  I arrived with 30 minutes until the sun reached the horizon.  The first location I tried in the park was under water.  The sun wasn't in a good location for my second sunset spot (it will be later in the year).  Fortunately my third option on the edge of a lake was clear of overgrown brush.

The dead trees reflecting in the usually-still water is the reason I like to shoot this location.  I used the fallen logs to frame the bottom of the picture, and kept a good split between water and sky.  The clouds are predominantly horizontal in the frame, and I wanted to make sure I filled the top of the picture with color.

Captured with my Canon EOS 5DS and EF 16-35mm F/4L IS lens at 35mm and F/7.1.  Three exposures stacked and processed in Lightroom.