09 October 2017

Portfolio Image - Marquette Harbor Lighthouse

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I recently traveled to Michigan's Upper Peninsula for a fall photography trip.  Unfortunately I was about 1-2 weeks ahead of peak color (the leaves in the Northern Midwest are late this year).  I stayed three nights in Munising, MI, and was surprised at the extensive selection of lighthouses, waterfalls, and coastal nooks within an hour drive.  I will definitely be returning to the UP for more photo trips!

I heard about this location while talking to a local photographer. I woke up extra early to make the hour drive to Marquette. The sunrise was spectacular! I wish I had scouted the location previously though, because it was hard to find a great composition. I was literally running around in the sand with my camera and tripod trying to find the best composition. This shot was taken from a lifeguard tower.  35mm from my 16-35mm F4L. Two exposures (one for the sky, another for everything else) individually processed and manually combined in Photoshop, and then cropped to emphasize the lighthouse.

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